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How to take out the old line in the wall


Regardless of whether it has just been renovated or used for several years, the wires buried in the wall may fail or be connected incorrectly, resulting in the need to replace the new wires. However, at the beginning of the decoration, the wires were buried deep in the wall through the pipe. What should we do if we encounter a wire failure or wrong connection?

Use ground wire insteadApplicable to the situation of leakage of neutral or live wire under the socket circuit. This scheme is more limited, but the available frequencies
But not low.
If the electric wire is broken, it is naturally easier to deal with it the better, especially in a room that has been used for several years.
It is very inconvenient to change the furniture and sundries. So we thought, can we not take the wires out of the wall even more?
Change, but directly solve the existing basis.
Circuit leakage is a very common type of circuit failure, and it is also the type of failure that requires the highest frequency of wire replacement. So-called leakage
A failure is nothing more than a fault that the leakage protector can detect and trip. What does the earth leakage protector detect?
Leakage occurs in at least one of the two wires, the live wire and the live wire. (Of course, it has been checked at this time, and it can be determined that the line is leaking
Now, the chance of leakage between the two wires is very small. If it is true that both wires are leaking, you can only replace the electricity.
Line, not to mention here. But if only one-wire has leaked, you can use the ground wire instead of the faulty wire.
The ground wire does not leak electricity.
How to replace it? From the distribution box, find the ground wire in the circuit from the ground bar, remove it from the ground bar, and replace the original one.
Barrier wires are connected to the lower port of the circuit breaker. Connect the original faulty wire to the ground bar. (The fault line is the neutral or live line.
Root, you can swap with the ground one by one, and observe whether the circuit breaker continues to trip. )
After changing the line, pay attention to the position of all sockets, ground and fault lines under the circuit.