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2020 optical cable customer analysis

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In addition to some research and development, the production of indoor optical cables is basically a processing industry, and the materials actually account for the vast majority of price costs. Therefore, the mainstream suppliers of indoor optical cable materials basically belong to the stronger side and play a very important role in the indoor optical cable market competition. In addition, the indoor optical cable is basically in the buyer's market, and the customer can have certain negotiation advantages in price, quality, service or other sales terms, which is strong market competitiveness. Even if the purchase volume of the customer is not large, or it cannot bring an important market or a certain reputation to the manufacturer, it still has a certain degree of strength.

The indoor optical cable user group mainly includes optical device manufacturers, integrated wiring manufacturers, network integration companies, real estate developers, communication operators, radio and television companies, enterprises and administrative units, military uses, etc.

The application of indoor optical cables has entered various aspects and detailed usage. At present, the main market directions are jumper, wiring, operator, overseas market and other industries. The customers are obviously different, the market behavior is different, the structure of the optical cable is different, the application method is also different, and the requirements for the optical cable are also different.

(1) Jumpers are mainly all kinds of jumpers, connecting plugs, inside the transfer box and for end-users.

(2) The wiring type is mainly used for house wiring, which can be vertical wiring, horizontal wiring, house wiring and end-user wiring, etc. At present, the largest amount of disc-shaped optical cables is introduced in this market, and future applications in wiring will appear More types of fiber optic cable.

(3) The operators are mainly bidding for purchase by various operators. In China, this market is the most concentrated and the purchase volume is relatively large, but the competition is also fierce. Unicom, telecommunications, mobile and radio and television are all developing.

(4) The overseas market category mainly refers to the export of indoor optical cables, and the sales direction can be developed or developing countries.

(5) Other industries are mainly military products, aerospace, automotive, high-speed rail, coal mines, medical and non-communication applications.