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The use of fiber optic patch cords

First, the use of fiber optic patch cords

The optical transceivers at both ends of the optical fiber jumper must have the same wavelength. The two ends of the optical fiber must be optical modules of the same wavelength.

Under normal circumstances, short-wave (850nm, 1300nm) optical modules use multimode fiber, long-wave (1310nm, 1550nm) optical modules use single-mode fiber to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

Согнутая төрөп йәки сүне лә ҡуллана, баҫылған ваҡытында яҡтылыҡ тапшырыу мөмкинлеге арта.

After the сүс шлямбур is used, сүс һаҡлағыс зат менән яҡларға тейеш булған прикрыть. Сүс һәм май саң берләшмәләре зыян килтерергә мөмкин. Әгәр бысраҡ затҡа сүстәр, мамыҡ тампон ҡуллана аласыз таҙартыу өсөн спирт, but it is recommended to use a professional dust removal device, otherwise dust will affect the communication quality.


1. Before use, you must use a professional dust-removing instrument or alcohol and absorbent cotton to wipe the сүс шлямбур ceramic ferrule and ferrule end face clean.

2. The minimum bending radius of the fiber jumper is less than 30mm when in use.

3. Ахыр бысраныуын булдырмау өсөн эргәләрендә яҡлаусылар һәм башаҡтарын һуғыуҙа һәм ferrule, разбор кепка һәм ваҡытында килтереп һуң пылезащитный.

4. Do not look directly at the fiber end face when the laser signal is transmitted.

5. Был осраҡта зыян, зарар, техноген һәм башҡа һөҙөмтәлә форс-фактор мажорный , the damaged fiber jumper should be replaced in time.

6. Please confirm carefully before installation and install and debug under the guidance of the manufacturer or dealer.

7. If an abnormal situation occurs in the optical network or the system, the fault elimination method can be used to test one by one. You can do the continuity test when testing or troubleshooting the jumper. You can usually use the visible laser pointer to judge the entire fiber link. Or further use the precision fiber insertion loss loss detector to test its various indicators. If the indicator is within the qualified range, the jumper indication is normal, otherwise it is unqualified.

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