• Pakistan Power Station uses fiber optic cable

    Силови кабели могат да бъдат разделени на добавената кула тип и електропровод композитен тип, съгласно метода на полагане и прилагането. The tower-added type has all-media self-supporting optical cable (ADSS) and metal self-supporting optical cable (MASS); the power line composite type usually refers to a composite optical fiber unit in a conventional power line, which realizes traditional electric or lightning protection…
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  • Американската телекомуникационна корпорация

    предаване на кабела се основава главно на принципа на общото отражение на светлината. Светлината е електромагнитна вълна. дължина на вълната на видимата светлина е 390 ~ 760nm. The part larger than 760nm is infrared light, the part smaller than 390nm is ultraviolet light, and the application of optical fiber is 850nm, 1300нм, 1310nm and 1550nm. In the optical fiber communication system,...
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  • OPGW-16B1-90 Power Company Закупуване Детайли

    Project Name: Electric Power Booster гара Jian'an и процес Collector Line Строителство проект за сътрудничество: Purchasing unit (inquiry - factory site inspection - determine the cooperation rules, including the arrival of materials, fiber optic cable welding problems and quality and after-sales issues - multiple project procurement, material supplements Delivery time: August 2018-2018 Bill of materials: Serial number product name Model specification…
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  • OPGW cable is applied to electric field (78MW) project

    Проектът е препоръчително покупка от един стар клиент. Това е проект за вятърна енергия. Our company and its project site technicians carry out drawing docking, and carry out a detailed analysis of the pole tower schedule. The project is equipped with the corresponding optical cable fittings. The gold used has Tension clamp, suspension clamp, connector box and matching…
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