Fiber optic cable assemblies manufacturer & customize

Fiber Optic Custom Cable Assemblies

Compatible Cable offers custom-built optical fiber cables designed for Military, Aerospace, Telecom, Broadcast, Electrical and any application that requires the use of optical fiber.


Custom Fiber Cable

Comax Cable is an outstanding partner for any company that requires custom fiber cable. With domestic and offshore manufacturing capabilities, we accept both large volume and small quantity orders. This allows our customers to rely on Comax Cable for not only blanket orders with forecasted delivery dates, but also for quick turn-around delivery for prototype builds or other time-sensitive orders. So whether you need 10 prototypes delivered in one week, or 10,000 pieces delivered in a few weeks, we have the resources to meet your needs. If you prefer to place blanket purchase orders with scheduled release dates, we are happy to stock your product for you in our warehouse.