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Do You Know How To Use The Fiber Terminal Box Correctly?


The optical fiber terminal box is used in the communication industry as an auxiliary facility capable of accommodating pigtails and protecting its connectors. I don't know if you have noticed that fiber optic cables are often used in outdoor network wiring, but twisted-pair cables are used indoors. The two cannot be directly connected. At this time, we need to use optical fiber terminal boxes to carry out optical fiber cables. Branch and continue into the indoor circuit.

In other words, the optical fiber terminal box is equivalent to a connector, which plays the role of connecting the optical cable and the pigtail. The end of the optical cable is first connected to the terminal box and connected to the optical jumper. After the role of the switch, the entire optical cable is split into individual optical fibers, completing the fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-pigtail respectively. Of welding. After the optical fiber terminal box is successfully installed, not only the optical fibers and pigtails can be protected and connected, but also the environment's interference on data transmission can be reduced as much as possible, making it have higher data transmission efficiency.

So how should the fiber terminal box be installed and used? First, the fiber terminal box is generally used indoors. If it is used outdoors, some protective measures should be taken to prevent wind and rain and reduce the life of the terminal box. Secondly, the fiber optic terminal box is suitable to work at temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. If this range is exceeded, the working state of the terminal box may be affected. Finally, the service life of various systems and systems is generally about 20 years. In order to ensure its service life, the environment of the storage terminal box has certain requirements in terms of temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Between 55 degrees Celsius, the air pressure is maintained between 70 and 106 kilopascals, and moderately below 85%.

In terms of installation, attention should be paid to the installation position of the fiber terminal box during installation, and an appropriate installation method should be selected. Generally, the installation position of the terminal box should be 0.3 meters above the ground (or raised floor) to allow enough space to install components such as the back box, adapter, and external socket power supply. When fixing the terminal box, according to the specific conditions of the construction site, different tools and methods such as expansion screws and nails can be used. If the device needs to be installed on the ground, pay attention to the waterproof and dustproof function of the junction box, and strengthen its resistance to compression and shock.

The world today is an information world, and each of us lives in the era of big data. The optical fiber terminal box is one of the indispensable carriers in the information transmission process, and it is obviously the mainstay of the information communication and data transmission industry in the current era. The application of optical fiber terminal boxes in fax, local telephone, network and other fields has also proved to us step by step its existence value and practical utility.