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The successor of fast signal transmission: optical st fiber patch cord

In the past, long-distance trunk line communications mainly relied on cables, microwaves, and satellite communications. With the continuous development of communication technology, optical fiber communications have now been used and formed a global dominant bit transmission method. Optical fibers have replaced communications cables and have been widely used. . Its advantages in the communication field are also obvious, with the characteristics of fast signal propagation, long transmission distance, and stable performance.

There will always be terminal equipment for fiber-optic communication, so it must also be connected to terminal equipment? Yes, optical fiber communication is not a wireless technology. It is a virtual and tangible line. The connection between it and the terminal equipment requires an optical fiber patch cord. An optical fiber patch cord (also known as an optical fiber connector) means that both ends of the optical cable are equipped with connector plugs. It is a special finished line used to realize the active connection of the optical path. Optical fiber jumpers are similar to coaxial cables, except that there is no mesh shielding layer, and the center is a glass core for light propagation.

Fiber patch cords are divided into single-mode and multi-mode, like optical fibers. In multi-mode fiber, the core diameter is 50μm~65μm, which is roughly equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. The single-mode fiber core has a diameter of 8 μm to 10 μm. (Tell everyone a simple way to distinguish between single-mode and multi-mode fiber jumpers. Generally, the outer sheath is orange for multi-mode patch cords and yellow for single-mode patch cords.) The core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core. To keep the fiber in the core. On the outside is a thin plastic jacket to protect the envelope.

The overall thickness of this patch cord from Comax is good. It uses a low-smoke, halogen-free outer skin, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly; integrated long tail protection, durable and not easy to break.

The connector of the fiber patch cord is also divided into many types. ST-ST means that the shells of the connecting parts on both sides of the jumper are round, the fiber core is exposed, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle with a spring.

Its plug adopts a good-quality ceramic ferrule, which has good signal stability and resistance to plugging and unplugging; the plugs are all with a plastic protective cover to prevent soiling and abrasion of the jumper terminal, so as not to affect the signal transmission quality.

In summary, the optical st fiber patch cord really enables our lives to be more convenient than ever before and accelerates signal transmission and the pace of development of the Internet. Therefore, it can be predicted that optical fiber patch cords will be widely used in our lives and various industry. As a result, the friends who need fiber patch cord can look at the cheap price of the products from Guangzhou Comax optical telecommunication Co., Ltd, a fiber patch cord manufacturer.

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