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How to quickly replace the old wires in the wall

If you are not using a threading wire, you can use the old wire as a threading wire to pull out with an old wire and introduce a new
This matter is simple to say, but it is complicated to operate in practice. If you are using hard wires and you encounter a 90 ° angle, then Christine
Hi you, this is almost impossible. If you are using flexible cords, be careful during the pulling process, because
Will break the wire. When necessary, threading wire can be used in conjunction with the pull wire for simultaneous operation.
The deadlift is also tricky. Pull it a few times and push it in to make the wire fit the angle of the conduit.
In order to facilitate the deadlift, we often avoid 90 ° angles during decoration. If a 90 ° angle cannot be avoided,
Install threading springs at the corners.


Walk the bright line
If the line cannot be changed, you can only go through the open line. At any time, the wire goes through the conduit, which is the first choice.
How unbearable. Of course, there are many times when it is unsatisfactory, so in order to be able to use electricity normally, we can only choose to walk the bright line.
For sheathed wires, choose sheathed wires with the same number of cores as the number of wires that need to be replaced. After the wiring is completed, use a line card or a trunk to wire the wires
Fixed on the wall.