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If you replace the old wire in the wall with wire


Applicable to the situation of short distance or pre-buried threaded wire during decoration.

Although it has been repeatedly emphasized, it is necessary to embed the threading wire in the pipe during decoration, especially for users who use hard wire. But because of using
Households think that they have spent more money, and the decoration company thinks that there is more labor, and few people choose my proposal. Wait until you really need to
When the circuit is repaired, it is still the user who is embarrassed. Now think about it. Why did n’t you buy a stringing wire of 2 yuan and 1 meter?
If you have threaded wire pre-buried during the decoration, congratulations, this is a very easy thing to do. The threading wire itself is elastic and can be
It can easily pass through the pipe, and can also pass through the right angle easily. Therefore, it ’s like threading a new lead through it.
Just pull the wire in. Remember to put in a new threading wire at the same time when inserting a new wire for future maintenance.
The faulty old thread, if possible, pull it out of the pipe as far as possible. If you ca n’t pull it out, you can stay at
Thread the tube.
If there is no threaded wire embedded in the decoration, you can use the threaded wire to try it during maintenance. The threading wire penetrates into the threading tube,
It's better to operate than the wire directly. If the distance is short and the angle is small, this method is still feasible.
After threading the thread, you can pull in the new thread.