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Indoor Fiber Optic Science


As the name implies, indoor fiber cables are generally suitable for indoor scenes. Because they are generally used indoors, they do not require a waterproof structure. Therefore, indoor optical cables have good flexibility, high bending performance, fast transmission speed, stable and clear signals, and strong anti-interference. , Large transmission flow, light, and economic advantages
Structure of indoor optical cable
1. The indoor optical cable has good flexibility and fine density, the outer skin is orange and yellow, and the optical fiber is wrapped with a tight sleeve.
2. Indoor optical cables are usually selected for making optical fiber jumpers, computer room wiring, and building indoor network wiring.
3. Aramid yarn is mostly used for indoor fiber cable reinforcement. It is a material used for body armor. It has good tensile properties and yellow color.
Characteristics of indoor optical cable
1. The fiber can be connected to the desktop and directly connected to the computer to increase the bandwidth and network speed.
2. The non-metallic structure can effectively prevent lightning from entering the home.
3. Adopt glass fiber as a signal carrier to resist electromagnetic interference.
4. As an FTTH solution product, an effective link of three networks in one can be realized.
5. After the industrial model is fixed, it can effectively save the use of non-ferrous metals (copper) and reduce the cost of use. (The current high prices of optical fibers and optical cables are due to process technology, followed by material costs. For example, the price of G657 fiber is mainly reflected in preforms, Drawing process, and the actual price of quartz glass fiber as the raw material of optical fiber is very low).
6. Strong anti-bending performance, the G657 optical fiber is used for the product with a bending radius of less than 15mm, which is convenient for indoor wiring and pipeline laying.
7. The use of flame retardant materials produces less toxic gases during combustion.

Application of indoor optical cable
Indoor optical cables are suitable for indoor environments. There are often many bends in the indoor environment. Therefore, indoor optical cables are designed and manufactured accordingly. Indoor optical cable not only meets the requirements of the indoor environment but also has good tensile properties. The internal structure is mainly composed of optical fiber and Kevlar. It is widely used in indoor wiring and used to make pigtails or fiber jumpers. It is used for optical connection of optical communication equipment room, optical distribution frame and optical instruments and equipment.