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Is there a difference between optical fiber and optical cable? What is its working principle?

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The optical cable is a communication cable composed of two or more glass, plastic optical fiber core and wrapping layer. The internal signal transmission of the optical fiber generally adopts laser, which has the characteristics of higher speed, larger capacity and long-distance transmission.

The single fiber fiber data transmission rate can reach several Gbps, and the submarine cable transmission reaches an astonishing 160 TBps, and the transmission distance can reach several tens of kilometers without using a signal amplifier. (1G=1024M 1T=1024G)

Cable, fiber difference

I have said so much in the past. If a fiber optic cable is used for a while, is it a bit embarrassing to see it? What is the difference between them?

The optical cable is composed of a certain number of optical fibers, and is covered with a sheath and a protective layer for communication and long-distance large-capacity information transmission.

Optical fiber is a transmission tool, just like a thin plastic wire. A very thin fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sleeve for long-distance information transmission. So the cable is fiber-optic.

Finally, a cable is composed of a conductive core, an insulating layer, and a sealing protective layer. The metal material (mostly copper, aluminum) is used as a conductor, and the wires used to transmit power or information are composed of several groups or groups. The wires are twisted together, and the cables are mostly used in transportation hubs, substations, etc. In fact, there are no strict limits on wires and cables. Usually, we have a small diameter, a small number of wires, a large diameter, a large number of cells, and a complicated structure called a cable. .