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Main types of optical fiber


1. Quartz optical fiber: Quartz (glass) series optical fiber, which has the characteristics of low consumption and broadband, has been widely used in cable television and communication systems.
2. Infrared fiber: As the working wavelength of the quartz series fiber developed in the field of optical communication, although it is used in a shorter transmission distance, it can only be used in 2μm. Infrared optical fiber is mainly used for light energy transmission, such as: temperature measurement, thermal image transmission, laser scalpel medical treatment, etc.
3. Composite optical fiber: Multi-component glass has a lower softening point than silica glass and a large difference in refractive index between the core and the cladding. It is mainly used in optical fiber endoscopes for medical services.
4. Plastic coated optical fiber: Compared with quartz optical fiber, it has the characteristics of thick core and high numerical aperture. Plastic coated optical fiber is easy to combine with light-emitting diode LED light source, and the loss is also small. Therefore, plastic coated optical fiber is very suitable for local area network and short-distance communication.