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The metal armored cable is a subdivided product of the optical cable. In order to further protect the optical fiber, a wraparound stainless steel sleeve is wrapped on the outer side of the optical fiber to prevent rat bites, bending and pressure resistance. A metal armored cable is a cable formed by an optical fiber (optical transmission carrier) through a certain process. The basic structure of the optical cable is generally composed of a fiber optic, a spiral manifold, a filler and a sheath, and may also have a waterproof layer, a buffer layer, a braid layer and the like as needed.

At present, metal armored optical cables have been widely used in communication equipment rooms, building integrated wiring, local area networks, optical fiber sensors, optical communication equipment connections, oil wells, defense preparations, measuring instruments, base station cabinets and other indoor and outdoor special occasions. Domestic telecommunications, mobile operators and other operators have also included metal armored optical cables in the tender range. Metallic armored optical cables are also widely used in foreign markets such as Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Metal armored optical cables have important applications in telecom fiber long-distance lines and primary and secondary trunk transmission. However, metal armored cables that are commonly contacted by network management systems are mostly used for two fiber-optic network devices that are connected inside the equipment room. Such metal armored cables are relatively short in length. Often referred to as a metal armored cable.