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Metal armored cable What are the specifications and models?


Indoor metal armored cable:
There are single and double (indoor cable). The single core indoor metal armored cable structure is:

Tightly wrapped fiber + aramid (with tensile effect) + stainless steel hose (compressive, anti-bending, anti-bite effect) + stainless steel braided wire (anti-torsion effect) + outer sheath (usually PVC, According to different functions, there are flame retardant PVC, LSZH, Teflon, silicone tube, etc.)

Single refers to a fiber optic cable that does not contain stainless steel braided wire.

Double fingers are cables with stainless steel hoses and stainless steel braided wires.
Advantages: high tensile strength, high compression resistance, anti-rat bite; with resistance to improper torsion bending damage; simple construction, saving maintenance costs; adapt to various harsh environments and man-made damage.
Disadvantages: The weight is heavier than ordinary cable. The price is higher than ordinary fiber optic cable.