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OPGW-16B1-90 Power Company Purchasing Details

Project Name: Electric Power Booster Station Jian'an and Collector Line Construction Project

Cooperation process: Purchasing unit (inquiry - factory site inspection - determine the cooperation rules, including the arrival of materials, fiber optic cable welding problems and quality and after-sales issues - multiple project procurement, material supplements

Delivery time: August 2018-2018

Bill of materials:

Serial number product name Model specification unit Quantity Claim
1 OPGW cable OPGW-16B1-90(89;62.2) km 24.4 According to requirements
2 Tower connection box PJTH-T set 8 One in one out
3 Double overhanging string   set 45 By drawing
4 Resistance string   set 73 By drawing
5 Tower cable rack PYLJ-T set 8 Tower
6 Shockproof whip FL-13 set 503  
7 Tower down clamp PYDZ set 212 Tower
8 Tight line pre-twisted wire   set 6 Tight line
9 Pigtail (FC/PC double head 10m) FC/PC-FC/PC-3.0mm-10m root 36 Double-tailed pigtails. FC interface, 10m one
10 Welding fee OPGW core 96  
11 Disk test fee OPGW core 96