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OPGW cable is applied to electric field (78MW) project

The project is a recommended purchase by an old customer. It is a wind power project. Our company and its project site technicians carry out drawing docking, and carry out a detailed analysis of the pole tower schedule. The project is equipped with the corresponding optical cable fittings. The gold used has Tension clamp, suspension clamp, connector box and matching fittings.

NumberNameSpecification modelunitQuantity
1OPGW cableOPGW-24B1-55km10.163
2OPGW cableOPGW-48B1-55km1.263
3Cable suspension stringWith ground wireset5
4Cable tension stringWith ground wireset52
5Intermediate joint boxThree links 24 coreset11
6Intermediate joint boxThree links 48 coreset2
7Remaining cableTowerset11
8Down the line clampTowerset220
9Shockproof hammer (including pre-twisted wire) set54

序号名 称型号数 量单 位
2Anti-vibration hammerCable use75One
3Tension clampCable use40set
4Hanging hammer clampCable use9set
5Joint boxTower9set
6Remaining cableTower9set
7Down the line clampGround50set
8And hook clampTower50set

Due to the customer’s power outage time has been fixed, leaving us only five days for production arrival, we promised that we will open a new production line, three-day production cycle, and cable test after production. After passing the test, the car will be delivered directly.

After the completion of the optical cable erection, the post-acceptance tracking and the B-line return of the line will be carried out. The following table is the purchase list of the optical cable and fittings of the line.

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Post time: 2019-08-17