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Pakistan Power Station uses fiber optic cable

Power cables can be divided into tower-added type and power line composite type according to the laying method and application.
The tower-added type has all-media self-supporting optical cable (ADSS) and metal self-supporting optical cable (MASS); the power line composite type usually refers to a composite optical fiber unit in a conventional power line, which realizes traditional electric or lightning protection functions while still performing optical fiber communication. There are mainly optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW), optical cable composite aerial phase line (OPPC), optical hybrid cable (GD), optical composite low voltage cable (OPLC) and so on.
Various types of power cables are widely used in the construction of smart grids. The smart grid is based on an integrated, high-speed two-way communication network, through advanced sensing and measurement technology, advanced equipment technology, advanced control methods, and The application of advanced decision support system technology to achieve the goal of reliable, safe, economical, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe use of the power grid.