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FTTH indoor Cable 2core Network
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Product Description
FTTH Indoor/outdoor Fiber Optical Cable to home

Should be used
Used for indoor wiring, the end user directly with cable
The introduction of cable used for the building

Has good mechanical and environmental performance
The machine flame retardant sheath (or retardant) performance to meet the standards
Mechanical physical properties to meet the relevant standards
Soft, flexible, and continue to facilitate and support large-capacity data transmission
Meet market and user demands

Fiber types: single-mode G.652 or G.655 or G657 fiber, A1a or A1b multimode fiber, or other models and types of fiber
Jacket material: flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), smoke halogen (LSZH), polyurethane (TPU) or other agreed material
Jacket Color: (including fiber optic cable in color) the color of the standard requirements, but also other agreed upon color
Cable Size: Nominal fiber size, but also other agreed size
Delivery length: 1km or 2km, but also other agreed length
Other requirements: Other special requirements agreed

Technical Parameters

Fiber Count Cable Diameter mm Cable Weight
Tensile Strength
Long/Short Term
Crush Resistance
Long/Short Term
Bending RadiusStatic
1 (2.0±0.2)×(3.0±0.2) 8 30/60 300/1000 15/30
2 (2.0±0.2)×(3.4±0.2) 8.5 30/60 300/1000 15/30
1 (2.0±0.2)×(3.8±0.2) 9 30/60 300/1000 15/30
4 (2.0±0.2)×(4.0±0.2) 10 30/60 300/1000 15/30



Cable Type g657.A 2 Core fibre optic cable for FTTH with FRP
Construction butterfly flat
Outer Jacket Material LSZH (Black/White)
Cable Diameter (2.±0.2)×(3.0±0.2)mm
Tensile Strength (long/short term) 100/200N
Bending Radius (long/short term) 10D/20D (mm)
Fiber Count 1 or 2 core
Fiber Type g657 a1/a2/b2/b3
Strength Member Material FRP
Cable Weight 10kg/km
Crush Load (long/short term) 300/1000 (N/100mm)
Operating/Storage Temperature -40 to +60℃


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