High quality outdoor Fiber Optical cable Aerial Figure 8 with steel tape Cable GYTC8S

In the GYTC8S/GYTC8A cable, single-mode/multimode fibers are positioned in the loose tubes, while the loose tubes strand together around metallic central strength member into a compact and circular cable core, and the water-blocking materials are distributed into interstices of it. After a PSP/APL is applied around the cable core, this part of cable accompanied with the stranded wires as the supporting part are completed with a PE sheath to be a figure-8 structure.

Product Detail

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u single PBT Loose tube, filling jelly, (around strength steel wire members), corrugated steel tape, PE outer sheath and Stranded Steel Member

u Compact structure, light weight, steel tape armored excellent crush resisitant performance

u Excellent water proof layer, good moisture resistance

u Suitable for direct burial

u Apply to Long distance communication system, Local aera network system and Subscriber network system



Technical Parameters

Cable CountOut sheath
WeightMinimum allowable

Tensile Strength

minimum allowable

Crush Load

Minimum Bending


(MM)(KG)short termlong termshort termlong termshort termlong term(°C)


Optical Characteristics:

Fiber TypeG.652G.65550/125^m62.5/125^m


850 nm<3.0 dB/km<3.3 dB/km
1300 nm<1.0 dB/km<1.0 dB/km
1310 nm<0.36 dB/km<0.40 dB/km
1550 nm<0.22 dB/km<0.23 dB/km
Bandwidth850 nm>500 MHz-km>200 Mhz-km
1300 nm>500 MHz-km>500 Mhz-km
Numerical Aperture0.200±0.015 NA0.275±0.015 NA
Cable Cut-off Wavelength cc<1260 nm<1450 nm


Structure and Technical Specifications

We produce and test cable comply with following standard:

Mechanical Performance
Max Tension PerformanceIEC 60794–1-2-E
Max. Operation TensionIEC 60794–1-2-E1
Crush TestIEC 6079 –1-2-E3
Impact TestIEC 60794–1-2-E4
Repeated BendingIEC 60794–1-2-E6
Torsion TestIEC 60794–1-2-E7
Cable bendIEC 60794–1-2-E11A
Attenuation CoefficientITU-T G.652
Structural TestIEC-60793-1-20
Environmental Performance
Temperature CyclingIEC 60794–1-2-F1
Water PenetrationIEC 60794–1–2-F5B
Filing Compound FlowIEC 60794-1-E14


Company Information

Guangzhou Comax Telecommunication Fiber Cable CO., LTD is a high-tech company group engaged in researching, manufacturing, selling communication products with our import and export rights. Our corporation is a professional manufacturer of fiber optic cable and patch cord over 6years, with ISO, UL, CPR, ROSH, REACH and CE certificates. We are OEM and we can design any structure of fiber optic cable for you.
The main products of our company are: optical fiber cables and optical fiber passive components. All of the products are widely used in telecom, electric power, railway and other communication products related department, exported to many countries and districts such as America, Europe, Mideast and Southeast Asia.We have obtained certificates of ISO9001-2000, Network Access for Broadcast Equipment of P. R. China, High-tech company, Eligible company of Overall Quality Management.
At present, our annual production capacity is 5 million core .km and 1.5 million pieces patch cords.Our fast delivery capability, perfect quality management system and perfect after-sales service system guarantee the confidence of our customers.


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