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SC/APC To SC/APC Singlemode 3M Simplex LSZH Ffiber Optic Patch Cord
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Low Insertion loss
High return loss
Good Repeatability
Good Interchange
Excellent Environmental Adaptability

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Product Detail
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SC/APC To SC/APC Singlemode 3M Simplex LSZH Ffiber Optic Patch Cord

Production Description
1. Connector type: FC, SC, LC, ST
2. Ferrule End-face: PC, UPC, APC
3. Core Type: Single-mode (SM: 9/125um), Multimode (MM: 50/125um or 62.5/125um)
4. Cable Quantity: Simplex, Duplex
5. Cable Diameter: φ3.0mm,φ2.0mm, φ0.9mm
6. Cable Length: 3,5,10,15 meter or customized
7. Cable type: PVC, LSZH.Armored
8. Patch cord/pigtail Support Ordering Parameters
Detailed Images

Item FC-SC-3M-SM
Color Rose red
Connector Type SC FC LCoptional
Insertion loss 0.20dB
Insertion loss 0.20dB
Fiber Type Multimode Duplex
Ferrule end face APC UPC
Length Accept customized
OEM available
Certificated ISO9001; CE; TYPE TEST
Feature Factory direct delivery, fast delivery, customized as required

Technical Specs

Product Name OM3 MultiMode 5M Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Fiber Type MultiMode
Fiber Count Duplex
Wavelength 850nm or 1310nm
Connetor Type FC(APC) to SC(APC)
Intertion Loss(dB) Less than 0.3dB
Return Loss More than 60dB
Repeatability Less than 0.2dB
Exchangeability Less than 0.1dB
Length 5M or Customized
Operting termperature -40~75°C

Product Application
1. Communication rooms
2. FTTH (Fiber to The Home)
3. LAN (Local Area Network)
4. FOS (fiber optic sensor)
5. Fiber Optic Communication System
6. Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment
7. Defense combat readiness

1. Low Insertion loss
2. High return loss
3. Good Repeatability
4. Good Interchange
5. Excellent Environmental Adaptability

Production Machine
1. Fiber Polisher Machine
Name: Fiber Polisher
Brand: TWT
Original: CN
For surface-polishing of ceramic, quartz, glass, metal and plastic etc. Best use for mass production

2. Optical RL & IL Tester
Name: Optical RL & IL Tester
Brand: RY
Original: CN
For RL & IL test of optical fiber, optical passive component, fiber telecommunication system at lab or production line

3. Fiber Endface Video Viewer
Name: Fiber Endface Video Viewer
Brand: westover
Original: USA
For checking the finish and quality of the optical fiber connector end surface. With high resolution optics, long life LED light source and high-quality CCD camera, the super clear monochrome image allows user to inspect tiny surface defects

4. Fiber Inference Meter
Name: Fiber Inference Meter
Brand: SANA
Original: CN
Measure key parameters of PC polished connectors, includes the radius of curvature, offset of polish, undercut, or protrusion on FC, ST, SC, LC, and MU type connectors. In addition, this system can measure APC, flat polished connectors, bare ferrules, cleaved or polished fibers, and sections of multi-fiber connectors.

Technical Specs

Number of plugs >1000 times
Tensile strength ≥200N
Bending radius >3.8cm
Light decay <0.1dB
Repeatability Less than 0.2dB
Exchangeability Less than 0.1dB
Length 3M or Customized
Wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm
Fiber 10G OM3 ,10G OM4
Connector LC,FC,SC,ST
Insertion Loss Less than 0.3dB
Return Loss UPC ≥ 50dB
SPC ≥ 55dB
APC ≥ 60dB (typ.65dB)
Cable Simplex, Duplex
Φ3.0mm, Φ2.0mm, Φ0.9mm


About Company
Guangzhou Comax Communication CO.,LTD is a high-tech company group engaged in researching, manufacturing, selling communication products with our import and export rights.
Our corporation is a professional manufacturer of fiber optic cable and patch cord over 6years, with ISO, UL, CPR, ROSH, REACH and CE certificates. We OEM or design any structure of fiber optic cable for you.
The main products of our company are: optical fiber cables and optical fiber passive components. All of the products are widely used in telecom, electric powder, railway and other communication products related department, exported to many countries and districts such as America, Europe, Mideast and Southeast Asia.
We have obtained certificates of ISO9001-2000, Network Access for Broadcast Equipment of P. R. China, High-tech company, Eligible company of Overall Quality Management.
At present, our annual production capacity is 6 million core .km and 1.5 million pieces patch cords.

A professional manufacturer of fiber optic cable whose main products are optical fiber cables and optical fiber passive compnents with ISO,UL,CPR,ROSH,REACH and CE certificates.

Packing & Delivery

Size Depends on Length
Weight Depends on Length
Packaging Details The normal package is each cable packed by a poly bag. the bag's size depends on the cable length. the test data and cable description will be stick on the poly bag


Q: Can I have my own logo on the products?
A: Yes, you can put your logo on the products with a required order quantity. Please just send us the information of your Logo.

Q: Your products meet CE/ROHS requirements?
A: Yes, the goods with CE/ROHS certification approved to hold quality assurance.

Q: What makes you different with others?
A: 1. S-miton Excellent Service
For a quick, no hassle quote just send email to us,S-miton promise to reply with a price within 24 hours
If you need an advise, just call our export office at 0086 755 83742317, we will answer your questions immediately.
2. S-miton quick manufacturing time
For Normal OEM orders, we promise to produce within 25-30 days.
As a manufacturer, we can ensure the delivery time according to the formal contract.
The effective purchasing and production departments enable us to delivery the goods in time and after-sales services departments will promise that try our best to solve all problem within 24 hours.

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