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Smart fiber will usher in a new breakthrough under big data

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With the advent of the era of big data, the rapid development of Internet services such as VR and cloud computing has further promoted the innovation and development of fiber optic cables. Especially in the transmission rate of fiber-optic communications, major optical cable manufacturers in China continue to inject funds to increase the research of optical fiber.

Today, researchers are still proud of the transmission rate of optical fiber, but we know that most of the data is only in theory, and the actual transmission speed will be affected by various aspects. Especially in the long-distance transmission of large amounts of data, optical fiber cannot be a completely trusted transmission method. However, a recent study may change this situation, with Nokia Bell Labs, Deutsche Telekom and the University of Munich in Germany recently implementing a data transfer speed of 1 Tbps in a demonstration, and the experiment was done in a simulated real environment.
The secret of high-speed transmission lies in a new modulation technique that prioritizes the transmission of all constellation points in the network compared to traditional fiber optics, which prefers points with lower amplitudes that are less sensitive to external influences. This technology also allows the transmission rate to be adjusted to accommodate the channel, which can increase the transmission speed by approximately 30%. Eventually the research team achieved a transmission rate close to the speed of light.
Of course, this technology has been in civilian production for some time. After all, there are still some differences between the real environment and the experimental environment. However, it has just happened. It is necessary to know that 5G cellular data is the future development trend, and telecom companies need to increase bandwidth to cope with the growing demand. Once this technology becomes a reality, it will ensure that network lines will not collapse under high-speed data transmission.