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The market size of global fiber-optic composite overhead ground wire is expected to reach 670 million US dollars in 2023

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According to reports in the cable industry, the global fiber-optic composite overhead ground line (OPGW cable) will reach 670 million US dollars by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%.

In the past few years, the global OPGW market has developed steadily. In 2017, the global OPGW market was about 5.3567 billion US dollars, and the actual sales were 1748 kilometers. Among them, China is the largest market, accounting for nearly half of the global market (49.94%). Followed by Europe, accounting for 11.75% of the market.

The OPGW is a dual-function cable that performs the work of ground and provides services for the transmission of voice, video or data signals. It also protects the fiber from environmental conditions (lightning, short-circuit, load) to ensure reliability. Sex and service life.

The cable is designed to be installed on transmission and distribution lines for voice, data and video communications, especially for lighting waveform monitoring systems, overhead observing systems, maintenance data information systems, power line protection systems, power line operating systems and unattended substation monitoring. .

From a global perspective, this industry is relatively concentrated. The main players in the optical fiber composite overhead ground line (OPGW) market include Zhongtian Technology, Fujikura Cable, Ankaite Cable, Tongguang Cable, Shenzhen SDG, Furukawa Electric and LS Cable.

With the construction of power communication systems, the investment in power products such as OPGW optical cables and ADSS optical cables will only increase, and domestic optical cable manufacturers will enter a stable growth period.